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    love this.

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    The cruelty before the bullfight:

    The Bull is not an aggressive animal, and the reason he is angry and attempts to charge at the matador whilst in the bullring is mainly because he has been horrendously abused for the previous two days.
    In fact, what spectators see is not a normal, healthy bull, but a weakened, half-blinded and mentally destroyed version, whose chances of harming his tormentors is virtually nil.

    The bull has wet newspapers stuffed into his ears; vaseline is rubbed into his eyes to blur his vision; cotton is stuffed up his nostrils to cut off his respiration and a needle is stuck into his genitals.
    Also, a strong caustic solution is rubbed onto his legs which throws him off balance. This also keeps him from lying down on the ground. In addition to this, drugs are administered to  him up or slow him down, and strong laxatives are added to his feed to further incapacitate him. He is kept in a dark box for a couple of days before he faces the ring.

    The purpose of this is to disorientate him. When he is let out of the box, he runs desperately towards the light at the end of the tunnel. He thinks that at last his suffering is over and he is being set free, instead, he runs into the bullring to face his killers and a jeering mob. (x)

    Kill everyone who participates or watches this.

    i’m vegetarian, i love animals, and i’m spanish, this si NOT true.

    Wether or not this is true, it is still NOT ok to kill an animal for entertainment or sport.

    Reality sucks.

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    my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

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    World Cup 2014 - Group E: Ecuador

    Vamos Ecuador!!! No me decepciones.

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    Tomorrow. FIFA World Cup 2014: Brazil.

    Vamos Brazil!



  8. "If you’re not losing friends then you’re not growing up."
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  9. An artist from Oakland, California collects trash and makes tiny mobile homes for the homeless.

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    S.H.I.E.L.D. Team 6 || First and last scenes of season one

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